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    Utilizing ‘best practices’ at companies and research into psychology/neuroscience, wrapped in an Indian context, I can train your staff to become more creatively productive.  Each of your employees’ increased creativity will link together to boost your company’s ability to innovate.

  • “Freedom

    is not worth having, if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”  Gandhi

  • “Creative thinking

    is not a mystical talent.  It is a skill that can be practised and nurtured.”  Edward De Bono

Client Speak

At Shopclues, a leading online marketplace, we’ve succeeded by being innovative in everything we do. Kitty’s workshop on creativity motivated our team of young professionals to think out-of-the-box, experiment with ideas and dare to take up new challenges in the workplace and beyond. She was engaging and insightful within an Indian business context. The activities allowed participants to practice their new skills, while having a lot of fun.

Radhika Ghai Aggarwal, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, ShopClues


Innovation and Creativity are some of the most intriguing topics which made it a challenging program to conduct.  Kudos to you to carry through such a program in a most effective manner.  The interactive discussions combined with hands-on activities helped in extracting many valid points/inputs from participants and found ways to improve performance.  Your ability to tie the different ends together and draw inspirations and lessons applicable was really commendable and insightful.  The session was friendly, fun and engaging at all levels.

Harkuljit Singh Oberoi, Operations Manager, Shopzilla India


If a company received a huge order to export little wooden toys to Spain, they would arrange for us to learn Spanish.  It’s the same with creativity.  However, how many times do managers expect staffers to arrive at better ways of doing things?  How often are employees expected to be forward thinking without adequate preparation?

There is no doubt that creativity is a talent.  However, talent alone does not explain creativity.  It is also a ‘skill’ which each one of us can improve.  If we think of our minds as capable banks of experiences and creativity as new connections between them, it is possible to train our minds.

By focusing consistently on the knowledge we acquire and training ourselves to deliberately make connections, each one of us can learn to be creative.

My favourite books, companies, websites and blogs for thinking further about this subject.


A Whack on the Side of the Head by Roger Von Oech The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelley Drive-by-Daniel-Pink Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip & Dan Heath The Myths of Innovation


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Yes, we all know Google & Apple…BUT

apple logo    fiftythree     ideo_logo     zipdial     reva


Nope, India is not on the list.  We’ve got to figure out together how it can be.
(50 most innovative countries)

The Indian creativity gurus.  I find creativity in Indians ads is world class.

Amazing what a few lines of drawing and words can explain together.

Exactly what it says….and it’s imperative for Business too.
(Empowerment creativity skills for a social entrepreneur)


The course I offer is a trip through the best understandings from around of the world based on research in psychology and neuroscience and actual work done by innovative companies.  I have put it together, distilled it down to its essence and finally desi-fied it to make it easily understandable.

In the roughly 3 hour workshop, I’ll introduce you to techniques to open up your mind and find daily ways of applying what you have learned.  There are fun activities to ensure all the steps we have learned are practiced.  We will learn how best individual creativity gathered together becomes innovation.

The workshop consists of:

workshop1 workshop2 workshop3 workshop4

workshop5 workshop6 workshop7 workshop8 

We will work together on figuring out how to apply these ideas to life and do this with a variety of interactive tools to ensure everyone participates.  This will ensure your employees will become not only better workers but also more ‘effective’ human beings.

The original workshop is suitable for about 15-25 participants.  This will ensure everyone’s voice is included.  It can take place onsite in a company conference/ training room, so the focus is on learning, not “what’s for lunch.”  In a few short hours of focused attention, I can help you all become more productive.

If you’re willing to give more time, the class can be customized to take the new learning and apply it to a specific issue faced by your company.  This time the exercises will be geared to bring forth more ideas related to not only solving problems but also provide training for future ways of arriving at solutions.

Finally, because all learning is done step by step over time, each participant will receive a booklet to help them on their journey.


You should expect the following when you ask me to train your staff:



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Every Friday, I will put my short take on being more creative, productive, managing your time and career and of course being happier.  I read everything.  Please feel free to cheat off my notes.  I don’t mind.



I am Indian.  Canadian.  American.  An outsider.  At home.  Everywhere and Nowhere.  Here I discuss today’s BIG ideas.  Interpretations of East and West.  Popular Culture.  Environment.  Inequality.  In under 800 words.  Roughly.



When I was 10 years old, I was the Girl Scout cookie selling champion of my town of Ajax, Ontario. At 12, I ran my own babysitting service.  While attending high school, I was selling Avon cosmetics. I have had the luxury of living in New York and New Delhi and also Seattle and San Francisco.  I’ve been observing firsthand, how society functions and constantly looking for ways to make it better.

Degrees from the University of Toronto, the Fashion Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University are somewhere in a box, or maybe an envelope.

As a Merchandise Manager at VF Corporation, I have determined what American women will wear under their clothes and managed iconic brands at Johnson & Johnson Ltd. in the US and Canada.

I have sold real estate, and made and managed investments.  With Sakhi for South Asian Women in New York, I have worked with issues of domestic violence on both policy and personal levels.  I have fundraised for worthy causes, helped to ensure good governance and forward-thinking policies in the complex I live in and the schools my sons attend.  I’ve also educated “basti wallahs” on their rights.

Through all this, I have remained a committed student of human nature.  I write.  I am passionate about good films, good food, and good books.  God has way over-blessed me with strong friendships. And I adore my boys and their father madly.

I look forward to meeting you.


Kitty Chachra



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